Enhance your Blended Learning offer with a new speaking experience

Flowchase lets you create new speaking experiences through its mobile app. Teach with impact with our innovative learning solution.


What makes Flowchase so powerful for training organizations 👇


of our users reported that Flowchase's voice technology and feedback helped them improve their speaking abilities

Our diverse English courses to meet specific purposes

A unique user experience that engages your learners

Our dashboard to keep track of their progress

Our support and ESL resources to help ensure your success

Improve their speaking skills by using research-based strategies

The fastest way to boost your spoken English skills with our AI-powered technology

Your learners practice key expressions and real conversations during micro-learning sessions and receive feedback on their pronunciation, fluency, and intonation.

Upskill your clients with the learning content they need during their blended-learning experience

Boost their speaking skills with industry-specific and soft skills English courses. Our team is always creating new content that will be available in the App as an off-the-shelf offering. If you need to create your own content, we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Keep your learners engaged and follow their progress at any time

They get personalised messages and refreshers to keep them engaged. Trainers and team leads can track progress and measure their results. You can also export the results for your own reporting purposes.

Blended Learning Strategy

Yes, we do!

Flowchase complements your existing tools and helps you deliver the best Blended-Learning experience 🙌

We will support you and your team throughout the entire project, provide the necessary resources to provide a seamless integration.
Flexible Pricing

Plans & pricing

All our licenses can be activated within the calendar year. Once activated, your licenses can last for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your purchase.

Flow License

Gives your learner access to the General English OR Business English content available at the moment of activation in the Flowchase mobile app.

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Integrate your content into the Flowchase platform to personalize each program💡

Enable your learners to master the expressions and scripts needed for their role.

Thanks to our built-in authoring tool, your pedagogical team can import resources and thus create brand new learning programs.


Make sure your learners speak to their full potential 🚀