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Boost your learners' spoken English skills through AI speech technology and specialized English courses.

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An A.I. assistant that corrects and perfects

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Professional English courses for an adaptive experience

Boost your English skills with our ever-expanding library of industry-specific and soft skills courses. If you need fully customized content, we can tailor a course to your needs.

Practice regularly to receive instant and personalized feedback

Our AI technology analyzes your voice, identifies your mistakes and gives you personalized tips to improve. You won't repeat the same mistake twice.

Track your learners' progress as they use Flowchase

Easily monitor the performance and usage of our application in simple dashboards. You will be able to analyze and export stats for reporting purposes.

Powerful, yet easy to implement

Flowchase has been designed to offer an incredible learning experience at your finger tips.

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Mobile app

The power of instant personalized feedback with our Speech technology, in your hands.

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Off-the-shelf programs

We have built a full library of content ready to be mastered by your learners, anytime.

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Bespoke programs

If you have industry-specific vocabulary or need an onboarding program, let's talk!

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Flexible plans

Choose to purchase licenses between 3, 6 and 12 months to suit your business needs.

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Dashboard & reports

Monitor and download any reports you need either per learner, groups or program.

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Admin panel

Invite and manage your learners, activate the license keys and create groups, fast.

A solution for everyone

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