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We work hand-in-hand with you and your technology specialists to help you set up your course with Flowchase.
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Outside of class, students use our app to learn at their own pace. They practice speaking with confidence at home or wherever they feel comfortable.
Create meaningful interaction
Use your class time to strengthen their skills and put them into practice with our ready-to-use group activities.
Backed by an amazing support team
We're happy to help with questions all along the way. We also do personalized teacher training sessions to ensure everyone uses Flowchase to its fullest potential.

English, the most valuable skill for your students' future

Teaching online, in person or blending both, make your classes super engaging with Flowchase

Frequently asked questions

What kind of English does Flowchase teach?

Flowchase uses recordings of native speakers from Great Britain and North America as models, as well as non-native speakers who have sky-high levels of proficiency. This is in line with our vision that English is an international language.

What is blended learning?

Blended-learning is a way of teaching that combines the use of digital tools (e.g. Flowchase) and traditional face-to-face classes. This method enables students to learn at their own pace and helps teachers use class time more effectively with engaging activities.

How does the voice technology work?

First, you listen to a recording. Then, it’s your turn to speak. Flowchase analyses your voice and compares it to a model. If we detect mistakes that could prevent you from being understood, we let you know instantly and show you how to improve.

Which languages does Flowchase work on?

At the moment, Flowchase is available to learn English. If you think Flowchase should exist for other languages, let us know! Get in touch with our team at info@flowchase.app

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