How to: use technology to teach English pronunciation (and make it fun!)
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Thursday, March 31st 2022 @ 5:00PM-5:30PM CEST
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Pronunciation: a challenge for students and teachers

Students simply don’t dare to speak, and teachers find it difficult to give personalized feedback, especially when they have large groups of students. You have probably faced this challenge while teaching in person or online.

Many studies have been conducted over the years, but speaking skills remain one of the most difficult to teach and evaluate. Researchers have offered a number of recommendations, and technology has become widely recognized in the past few years as a way to enhance teaching.

How does technology actually benefit pronunciation teaching?

In this webinar, we will see how teachers from different institutions implemented Flowchase without having to spend extra time creating content or learning how to use a new tool.

Teachers will explain how they boost their students' pronunciation skills in a fun way. We won’t stop there though: we will show you exactly how to integrate Flowchase into your existing curriculum, according to your needs.

Amazing resources you’ll walk away with:

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Lucie Fuca

Lucie is our Key Account Manager who helps hundreds of English teachers to innovate using our tool. Having a background in translation, she taught English, Italian, and French in Belgium for 3 years. She will be your go-to person when you use Flowchase!

Mathieu Folacci

Mathieu Folacci is an ESL teacher and the English language coordinator for the Language Center of the Università di Corsica, where he contributes to defining the foreign language policy. He enjoys incorporating media into his practice and strategies for teaching students with learning disabilities.

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"At Flowchase, we work with English teachers to help their students understand the importance of pronunciation. As such, we help to focus on aspects of pronunciation that matter for intelligibility.

Thanks to our incredible collaboration with researchers, teachers, and team members, we've had a real impact in 2021, and we won't stop there!"

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